How does Me2uConnect social media management services work?

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with an agency that is dedicated to your success, this section offers a sneak peek at our client experience. 
Our social media management process has four steps:
  1. Meet your social media account manager
  2. Receive an in-depth analysis of your social media presence
  3. Get a custom, data-driven strategy
 Let’s dig a little deeper on each step:

Meet your account manager 

When you trust us to invest in your success, you can rest assured you are getting a specialist to oversee and manage every aspect of your social media strategy. They will lead every initiatives to support you, researching your company, competitors, reputation and more.
Your account manager will go above and beyond for your business, but also become part of your team. This is important because it make the relationship much more meaningful, unlike other agencies who simply see you as a number and barely remember your name. We take time know everything about our clients. THE MORE WE KNOW THE MORE YOU GROW.

In-depth analysis of your social media presence

Once your account manager meets with you & your team,(this used to be in person) but t will be by phone or video conferencing, they take the next step in launching your social media campaign. They conduct research looking at your competitors, history, and more.
This serves as helpful reference. It provides in depth and valuable information about what your strategy will need to succeed. While identifying any hurdles or opportunities.

Get a custom, data-driven strategy

Here we begin developing your custom social media marketing strategy. The gathered research, plus your team’s feedback, to build a short- and long-term strategy that aligns with your goals.
They will reference industry-specific data on past social media campaigns. 
Most other social media management agencies do not have a marketing expertise like we do They also don’t have the access to our data as our history extends back more than 20 years.
Now that the strategy is developed, we will now present it to you you and the team. This is where we encourage you to give feedback and ask questions. Remember we are an extension of your marketing team and we work for you, we want to ensure everyone understands and agrees with your campaign and the decisions behind it.